Survey process

Following nomination by your agency to participate in the LSP360° assessment, you will receive an email from your agency coordinator/manager providing you with information on how to register for the LSP360° survey process. This will involve completing a spreadsheet with your identified survey respondents (that is, people you would like to provide you with feedback). Once this is complete, LDC will email you and your respondents a link to the survey. You will have approximately 2 weeks to complete the survey before your LSP360° report is generated.

The 360 survey process

Nominating respondents to give feedback

You will complete a self-assessment, and you also need to nominate:

  • Reporting manager - the person/people you directly report to  
  • Direct reports - the people who directly report to you
  • Peers - the people you work with and who report to the same manager
  • Other relationships - the people you work with in a professional context outside of your team, group or organisation. This may include people from other government agencies you work closely with. This category of respondents is optional and may only be suitable for some roles.
360 diagram


You may want to discuss your list of potential respondents with your manager to see if they would suggest additional people. Ensure you include respondents that can provide you with the most valuable, honest and constructive feedback.

Number of respondents

We recommend you invite feedback from your manager, all your direct-reports, all of your peers, and any other respondents you would value feedback from. There is no maximum number of respondents, but you should keep in mind that the best feedback for your development is likely to be from individuals who have seen you in a wide range of work situations.

Confidentiality of responses

Only your self-assessment and your manager's responses will be individually identified in your LSP360° report. All other ratings will be aggregated by respondent group for reporting. To maintain other respondents' anonymity, there needs to be a minimum of 3 respondents per respondent group.

Registering respondents

1.    Ask your potential respondents if they are able to complete a LSP360° survey for you. An example of an email you could send to your potential respondents follows:

Hi [insert name here]

I am participating in a 360° survey and would like to nominate you as a respondent. I would value your feedback on my demonstration of behaviours and attributes as described by the Leadership Success Profile. The information from my LSP360° report will feed into my development planning. Please let me know whether you are happy to participate.

If you can participate then you will receive an email from the Leadership Development Centre outlining how to complete the LSP360° survey online. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Thanks in anticipation.

2.    Ensure your respondents expect to receive an email with a link to the survey from LDC.

It is important your respondents expect to receive an email from the Leadership Development Centre to ensure they do not disregard it or delete it.  If this does occur you or your respondent/s will need to contact LDC to organise another email to be sent.

3.    Enter respondents' names and email addresses correctly.

Once you have their agreement, please register your respondents' details correctly in the spreadsheet provided by your agency coordinator.  

Feedback and follow-up action

The feedback process is a key feature of this 360° assessment. Following the completion of the survey by you and your respondents, a personalised report will be generated. This report will be used as a basis for 1:1 coaching between you and an accredited coach, from within your agency or from across the sector.

The first step in the coaching process is to receive feedback from your coach or suitably accredited support person based on your personalised report. You are then given time to reflect on the feedback you have received. During this process of reflection you are encouraged to complete the self-reflection worksheet at the back of the report. Once you have considered your options in light of your development goal you should meet with your manager and discuss a way forward. It's important that they're involved as they have a large part to play in supporting your development.

Confidentiality of report

At your feedback session, you will receive 2 copies of your report from your coach. These are the only 2 hard copies of the report and it is up to you to choose who you share them with. The coaching session is confidential between you and your coach. Your coach will not divulge information from the coaching sessions to any other party without your approval.

Unless otherwise specified (that is, where there is an arrangement with you and your agency) your report will not be sent electronically. In special cases where an electronic copy is requested, the report will require a password to access it, to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

By participating in this process you agree to use the information gathered to inform your development and to work with your manager to agree on a development plan.

Remember the feedback information you receive will be used by you to identify your leadership strengths and areas for development. You and your manager's responses will be individually identified in your 360° report. All other responses will be anonymous.

Aggregated information may be used for agency and system-level analysis, however no individual is identifiable in this process. Anonymised and aggregated data may also be used to help define future leadership development interventions.

See some sample LDC LSP360° pages.

For more information

For more information about the LSP360° process, contact the Leadership Development Center 04 473 2222 or email

Background to the LSP and the LSP 360°

Leadership Success Profile [PDF, 153KB]