Today's technical leaders

In an environment where complexity and ambiguity abound, technical leaders are increasingly turned to as the organisations' thought leaders - and their influence across the public sector is growing. Although technical leaders may not have the traditional people leadership responsibilities, they still have a responsibility within organisations to work with others to achieve results for New Zealanders. Organisations need to place a greater focus on how they develop these individuals for the benefit of the system.

We recommend that you have been in your current role for at least six months before taking part in the PSL360°.  This ensures that the individuals you nominate can provide feedback having observed you at work across a range of situations that require different leadership capabilities.

The PSL360° Process

The Leadership Success Profile (LSP) describes leadership attributes, capabilities and behaviours that will enable participants to have an impact across the state sector. The LSP has been designed to have an inclusive view around leadership. It also places much greater emphasis on the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration and customer focus.

Aligned to the LSP, with a focus on how technical leaders work with others, the PSL360° assessment is based on 16 capabilities. It includes 42 statements where respondents, including your reporting manager, peers, project team members and customers or stakeholders, are asked to rate the frequency they see you exhibiting different behaviours. The participant also completes a self-assessment of the same statements.

Each participant receives a high-level, personalised report, participates in a structured feedback session with a suitably accredited coach or support person and creates a development plan with their manager.

To find the relevant resources for your development needs, go to our Leadership Success Profile development options page


  • LDC member agencies: $290 + GST per person
  • Non-members: $700 + GST per person (includes report and debrief)

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