Professional Specialist Leader 360°

The LDC Professional Specialist Leader 360° (PSL360°) is a new tool available to technical leaders seeking feedback on their leadership behaviours as they align to the Leadership Success Profile (LSP).

Background - technical leaders

In an environment where complexity and ambiguity abound, technical leaders are increasingly turned to as the organisations' thought leaders - and their influence across the public sector is growing. 

Although technical leaders may not have the traditional people leadership responsibilities, they still have a responsibility within organisations to work with others to achieve results for New Zealanders. Organisations need to place a greater focus on how they develop these individuals for the benefit of the system.

People need feedback for growth

Before the development of the PSL360°, there was no product that allowed public sector technical leaders to receive feedback based on the LSP. Realising this gap, LDC worked in partnership with Department of Internal Affairs to design the PSL360°. Like the LSP360°, the PSL360° tool is aligned to the LSP, with a focus is on how technical leaders work with others.

Information for participants

Is this assessment right for me?

The PSL360° is designed for people who hold a professional, specialist or technical leadership role within their organisation and are looking for feedback on their capabilities as they align to the LSP.

We recommend that you have been in your current role for at least six months before taking part in the PSL360°. This helps to ensure that the individuals you nominate to provide feedback on you have observed you at work across a range of situations that require different leadership capabilities.

How does the process work?

  1. After you have been nominated by your agency to participate in the PSL360° assessment, you will receive an email from your agency coordinator/manager with information on how to register for the PSL360° survey process.
  2. You will complete a spreadsheet with your identified survey respondents (that is, the people you would like to provide you with feedback).
  3. Once this is completed, LDC will email you and your respondents a link to the survey. You will have approximately two weeks to complete the survey before your PSL360° report is generated.

Who should I nominate?

In addition to completing a self-assessment, you will need to nominate:

  • A reporting manager - the person you directly report to  
  • Peers - the people you work with and who report to the same manager
  • Project team members - individuals you work with on an initiative or project
  • Customers or stakeholders - the people you work with in a professional context outside of your team, group or organisation. This may include people from other government agencies you work closely with. This category of respondents is optional and may only be suitable for some roles.

Feedback and follow-up action

The feedback process is a key feature of this 360° assessment. Following the completion of the survey by you and your respondents, a personalised report will be generated. This report will be used as a basis for 1:1 coaching between you and an accredited coach, from within your agency or from across the sector.

The first step in the coaching process is to receive feedback from your coach, or suitably accredited support person, based on your personalised report. You are then given time to reflect on the feedback you have received. During this process of reflection you are encouraged to complete the self-reflection worksheet at the back of the report.

Once you have considered your options in light of your development goal, you should meet with your manager and discuss a way forward. It's important that they're involved as they have a large part to play in supporting your development.

Is my report confidential?

At your feedback session, you will receive two copies of your report from your coach. These are the only two hard copies of the report and it is up to you to choose who you share them with. The coaching session is confidential between you and your coach. Your coach will not divulge information from the coaching sessions to any other party without your approval.

By participating in this process you agree to use the information gathered to inform your development and to work with your manager to agree on a development plan.

Remember the feedback information you receive will be used by you to identify your leadership strengths and areas for development. You and your manager's responses will be individually identified in your 360° report. All other responses will be anonymous.

Aggregated information may be used for agency and system-level analysis; however no individual is identifiable in this process.

More information

For more information about the PSL360° contact LDC on 04 473 2222 or email

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