We’ve added another toolkit to our expanding collection. If you haven’t delved into our toolkits before they focus on a single leadership development theme and designed as quick learning opportunities or solutions for leaders facing a particular challenge.

Our Resilience toolkit is for leaders who want to build their own as well as others’ resilience and aims to help leaders to:

  • understand the impacts of stress and how building resilience can support them to deal with challenging situations
  • understand their stressors and what they can do to improve their resilience
  • support their team through challenging times and grow their team’s resilience
  • get tools to build their resilience such as Te Whare Tapa Whā and mindfulness.

Toolkits are available to all staff belonging to member agencies.
If you don't have a login this can easily be created at ldc.govt.nz/link/signup

Resilience toolkit