New Zealand Defence Force Institute for Leadership Development

The New Zealand Defence Force, Institute for Leader Development (ILD) delivers a comprehensive approach to continued leadership development with a focus on helping leaders who are transitioning to the next level of leadership.

A number of their leadership development programmes are open to participants from the wider public sector and involve outdoor activities designed to challenge leaders.

The Leadership Development Centre is taking a system approach to maximise public service spaces on these programmes by managing the nominations and selection process. Spaces for Public Service leaders are limited on all courses, so nominations require agency approval.

Programme details

You can learn more about each programme in the programme flyer.

2022 Leadership Courses and Programmes [PDF,192 KB]

Nominations have closed for the following programmes.

Programmes available (ordered by start date) Key dates
Lead Capability Leadership Course 22/03 Pre course activities: Jun-Aug 2022
Course: 17–19, 22–26 Aug 2022
Lead Organisation Leadership Programme Phases run from Jul 2022 – Apr 2023
Lead System Leadership Course 22/04 Phase 1: Aug-Sep 2022
Phase 2: 12-16 Sep 2022
Lead Capability Leadership Course 22/04 Pre course activities: Aug-Oct 2022
Course: 12–14, 17–21 Oct 2022
Lead System Leadership Course 22/05 Phase 1: Sep-Nov 2022
Phase 2: 7-11 Nov 2022
Integrated Capability Leadership Programme 26 Phase 1: Sep-Nov 2022
Experiential residential phase: 6-11 Nov 2022
Wellington residential: 20-24 Feb 2023



Nominations closed 25 March.


If you have any questions about the nomination process, email:

For specific questions about the programme or course, email: