Leadership in Practice
Leadership in Practice is our highly-regarded 9 month development programme for experienced leaders who are ready to broaden their leadership impact and strategic influence across the system.

LiP provides an immersive development experience that will challenge you to develop the self-awareness, mindsets and skills needed to enhance your personal leadership effectiveness and impact. Expert facilitators support and challenge you to reflect on your leadership style and consider what behaviours and attitudes are helping and hindering your success.

With a strong focus on development planning, LiP includes individual coaching and peer learning to help you work towards and action your development goals.

LiP begins with a 2 hour kickoff session, followed by a 4 day residential (live in) and 9 months of action learning and one-on-one coaching. 

For more information download the LiP flyer [PDF, 778 KB]

LiP Application form [PDF, 832 KB]

Download and save this application form to your files before you begin filling it out. You should allow about 20 minutes to complete this form. Please answer all the required questions*.

Schedule time to talk to your manager and general manger HR about your application. You will need their endorsements to apply.

Email the completed application to LDCProgrammes@ldc.govt.nz

Application closing dates:

Applications should be submitted no later than 2 months before the scheduled kickoff session to ensure your preferred programme choice. See page 2 of the application form for the full 2021/22 programme schedule and application deadlines.

Agency and manager endorsement:

Your application must be supported by both your manager and agency general manager HR. Some agencies have their own internal selection process for LiP. Before you begin your application, please check with your agency general manager HR or equivalent.

Upcoming programmes

LiP 73 - Wellington 

Kickoff date: 8 July 2022
Residential: 6-9 September 2022
Action Learning Groups: ALG 1: 20 Oct 2022, ALG 2: 8 Dec 2022, ALG 3: 9 Feb 2023, ALG 4: 5 Apr 2023

LiP 74 - Wellington 

Kickoff date: 20 September 2022
1-4 November 2022
Action Learning Groups: 
ALG 1: 8 Dec 2022, ALG 2: 21 Feb 2023, ALG 3: 2 May 2023, ALG 4: 27 Jun 2023

Programmes underway

LiP 71 - Wellington 

Kickoff date: 14 September 2021 
Residential: 2–5 November 2021
Action Learning Groups: ALG 1: 10 December 2021, ALG 2: 1 February 2022, ALG 3: 29 March 2022, ALG 4: 17 May 2022

LiP 72 - Wellington 

Kickoff date: 3 February 2022 
Residential: 26-29 July 2022 
Action Learning Groups: ALG 1: 13 Sep 2022, ALG 2: 2 Nov 2022, ALG 3: 14 Dec 2022, ALG 4: 9 Feb 2023

General LiP programme information

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Kick off session

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Complete Leadership Circle assessment

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Pre-reading and reflection

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1:1 90 minute coaching debrief

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4-day residential workshop

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60 minute three way conversation between participant, manager and coach

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3 x facilitator-led Action Learning Groups

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Complete Individual Development Plan

3 x self-driven Action Learning Groups

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5 x 1:1 30-minute coaching sessions

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Final Action Learning Group & graduation

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