This leadership programme focuses on six development priorities to help public sector leaders who are transitioning into their first leader of leaders role.

This 8-month programme, designed alongside the Public Service Act 2020, seeks to build the critical leadership skills identified in the legislation, such as Māori Crown capability, strategic thinking, systems thinking, and a unified and inclusive leadership mindset.

It’s structured around the six development priorities we identified as the most important for new leaders of leaders to focus on in the first 12 months of transition.

To successfully lead others and build an effective leadership team, you need different skills from those gained as a leader of individual contributors. On this course you will be stretched beyond pure knowledge acquisition and design a series of safe-to-fail leadership experiments based on the theory, frameworks and models covered within the programme. 

Each month you will complete a self-paced development guide, attend a facilitated session to deepen knowledge, design a leadership experiment and contribute to peer learning groups.

Programme features

  • Opportunities to network with peers in the public service who share a common purpose with you.
  • Development guides to support your reflection, spark your curiosity and help you acquire new knowledge.
  • Applied learning within the flow of your day to day work.
  • Personalised leadership experiments designed to practice and embed your new skills.
  • Peer learning groups where you can receive feedback and learn from others’ experiences.
New Leader of Leaders registration

New Leader of Leaders registration

Register your interest or nominate a leader in your organisation for the programme.
New Leader of Leaders resources

New Leader of Leaders resources

These development and action guides are used throughout the programme to support your learning.


Results from the first cohort of leaders who completed New Leader of Leaders Development in 2020.