The New Leader of Leaders Transition Programme supports public sector leaders moving to a leader of leaders role.

The chief executives of the New Zealand public service have recognised the need for common and consistent development for all leaders at critical transitions within their career. In response, LDC has designed the Leader of Leaders Transition Development Programme specifically for all leaders in the public service who are transitioning into their first leader of leaders role.

To be successful at leading other leaders and building a successful leadership team, leaders need different skills from those they have gained as a leader of individual contributors. Through research and engagement, LDC has identified the six development priorities that are the most important for new leaders of leaders to focus on in the first 12 months of transition. These development priorities form the foundation of the programme.

This programme will support leaders to lift their focus and build leadership skills relevant to the NZ public service context. Leaders will be stretched beyond pure knowledge acquisition and required to design a series of safe-to-fail leadership experiments based on the theory, frameworks and models covered within the programme. 

Registration for our Leader of Leaders programmes in 2021 is now open

Eligibility and application process

All leaders who have transitioned into their first leader of leaders role in the last 12 months are eligible to attend this programme.

To register your interest in joining our 2021 cohort, or to nominate a leader in your organisation, click here.

For more information, download the Leader of Leaders Transition Programme flyer (pdf)