Adam Cooper

LDC Facilitator - Common & Core Development

Programme: New People Leader and New Leader of Leaders
Delivery method: Face-to-face and Virtual
Face-to-face availability: Wellington region, and some availability in Auckland and Christchurch

Adam has held senior roles in the private and public sectors, so is familiar with what it takes to create the conditions for authentic, resilient leadership in these settings.

Adam has developed innovative and effective models of facilitation, coaching and change management, and has gained a reputation for pioneering work to leverage the power of the arts, diversity and creativity. He has co-founded multiple collaborative learning initiatives spanning Government Agencies, the Arts and Community, including Ruku Ao - a finalist in the NZ Innovation Awards.

Adam brings a strong focus on wellbeing to his work, is involved in several programs that emphasise wellbeing, and leads the 8-day Wellbeing program at Outward Bound. He holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Otago University, and is certified in a broad range of human development systems spanning the domains of Professional & Embodied Coaching, Public Engagement, Resilience, Leadership Circle, Emotional Intelligence and Team Management.

Adam is available to coach individual leaders and to facilitate team sessions.

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