Feedback is an essential tool you can use to support the development and performance of individuals. It can help create an open and honest environment where team members are skilled in giving regular kind and constructive feedback.

Feedback can be used to provide information about someone’s performance, behaviour and impact on others. If done well, it can lift up someone's strengths and identify the areas that are holding somebody back. If done badly, it can decrease someone’s confidence, engagement and creativity.

Using feedback in your leadership practice:

  • supports personal and professional growth
  • builds self-awareness
  • improves performance
  • creates a culture of trust in your team where feedback is valued.

This toolkit is designed for leaders who are new to using feedback in their leadership practice, or want to refresh their feedback skills. It is also perfect for leaders who want to role model a culture where team members feel safe and comfortable to be able to share their thoughts and opinions. It provides an overview of the skills you need to have when giving feedback.

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