An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a valuable tool that you can use to structure your development throughout your career.

Creating your IDP is a process where you work in partnership with your manager to identify your professional goals. You will create a plan that states your development goals and how you will achieve these over a period of time, and then at completion, you reflect on your progress.

Using an individual development plan:

  • Helps clarify your career aspirations.
  • Empowers you by helping you recognise your strengths, talents and growth opportunities.
  • Supports you to set realistic and achievable goals for the next steps in your career.

This toolkit is for leaders who want to grow in their present position or progress to new ones and will help you to:

  • identify development goals that support your areas of growth
  • consider how your professional development aligns with organisational and sector needs
  • explore the many learning opportunities you can choose from for your development
  • bring your development to life.

For more information about the phases of an IDP, view the Individual Development Plan process webpage from our Individual development plan: developing others toolkit. 

Are you looking for a toolkit that you can use to support your direct report with their IDP?  The toolkit ‘Individual Development plan: developing others’ has many useful resources that you could also use for your own IDP.

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