(upbeat music)

Blue screen appears with text: How can leaders respond to a diverse New Zealand?

Text appears at bottom left of screen: Tele'a Andrews Senior Policy Advisor, Pasifika Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Tele'a: Well I think closely linked to a diverse New Zealand is the ability to build cultural intelligence and I think for twenty-first century leaders it's probably one of the big development questions we have about how to effectively do that. When I talk about cultural intelligence to people who might be new to the concept I'm often talking about relating and understanding through difference. And that can be very challenging especially when the divides are very different to ourselves. But cultural intelligence essentially is premised on a value, on the idea that everyone has value. And even in difference you can find pockets of value to not only help you relate to another person's humanity but also to bring out and develop, enrich your own life, your own perspective on the way the world works.