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Blue screen appears with text: What advice would you give to someone coming into leadership for the first time?

Text appears at bottom left of screen: Rebecca Rolls General Manager Investigations Serious Fraud Offce Te Tari Hara Taware

Rebecca:  I think, have some confidence in the fact that you're there for a reason and that you're capable and that you have something to add that will be different and it's okay to not think the same as everybody else but the important thing is to actually speak up and say that. I think the value of the mentors are really underrated. It's good to have two or three people you trust and they may not even have to be in your organisation but just who can bounce ideas off and that sort of thing and probably last thing to be aware that there are a lot of resources and opinions and courses et cetera out there and they're not all, you know, there's a lot of information that you can use and get your hands on and get immersed in that can make you second guess yourself but I think you you need to come back and centre and say well that's great I don't disagree with that, these are the bits that will help me and really create your own personality a little bit and make sure that you're listening to the people around you, the people who were either around you before you became a leader or the ones who whose jobs you affect and influence on a daily basis because in the end they are your main capital, so your feedback's really important.