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Text appears at bottom of screen: What challenges are facing leaders across the public sector today?

Blue screen appears with text: Digby Scott LDC coach and facilitator digbyscott.com

Digby: So another sort of challenge is the developmental challenge, the leadership development challenge. So it's, that's about not so much the tensions you need to manage but things like how fast can you grow because it's a rapidly changing environment as we know... The more you can learn and the quicker you can learn it the better you're going to be as a leader.

So for example, the old way of leading which might have been about being the expert or being a great achiever that doesn't cut it anymore.

Leadership these days is much more about letting go of that and more about sitting with ambiguity and learning to see multiple perspectives, and learning to listen to for different points of view and that's a different way of thinking so, learning how to adapt to that way of thinking is key.

And another one of those things is learning to look after yourself because I see so many leaders who are just burning out trying to go faster and faster and faster whereas in fact fast is not the answer, smart is the answer. And to do that by just learning to slow down build your resilience and build your well-being is critical.