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We offer our members a wide range of information and resources, including:

  • access to international research 
  • general information on leadership development from New Zealand's Victoria University's School of Government, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and around the world (from the Corporate Leadership Council) pre-packaged by our research team on themes relevant to LDC members
  • toolkits on topics such as people leadership, working across boundaries, delegation and change leadership that you can use as the basis of a workshop, a facilitated meeting or group lessons
  • Book Rappers: Read, watch and listen to creative, quick-read summaries of leadership books. They provide you with insight into some of the latest and best leadership thinking from around the globe.
  • regular newsletters and flyers on the latest on offer from LDC.

E-learning guides focused on a single leadership development theme.

For leaders, managers and HROD teams

To help you:

  • gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of a particular topic
  • share and discuss the information with others.

Get access to:

  • introductory flyers to the toolkits
  • theoretical information (on the topic of the toolkit, e.g., how to have the conversations you have been avoiding)
  • worksheets
  • case studies.

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Access the toolkits

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Quick-read book summaries. Each Book Rapper is designed to read in 30 minutes and comes in video and as an audio file).

For leaders, managers and HROD teams

To help you:

  • save time
  • stay up-to-date with the latest literature on leadership
  • get a quick overview of a recent book.

Easy-to-read information

Get access to easy-to-read information by reputable authors on topics such as:

  • collaborative decision making
  • creating winning habits
  • how to think right
  • how to attract willing followers
  • lead to fulfill your purpose.

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Book Rapper catalogue

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More than 200 books, magazines, and dvds. 

For leaders, managers and HROD teams

A free borrowing service to help you stay on top of the latest literature from here and overseas.

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