The Leadership Success Profile 360° assessment (LSP360°) is designed to provide feedback to individual leaders about their leadership characteristics and behaviours. An important part of the LSP360° assessment process is the accreditation of coaches from within the sector to provide feedback and to coach the participant in development planning.

Using this process there are multiple benefits. It allows participants to receive robust feedback and development support, agencies to develop the capability of their leaders in giving feedback and coaching and for cross sector collated reporting on specific leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching accreditation process

The process for accrediting coaches will include:

  • one half-day workshop (can be shorter if coaches are familiar with 360° debriefing)
  • regular support and coaching for coaches provided by agency lead-coach (they could be a human resources professional from within the agency or LDC).

The first-half of the workshop will focus on the survey methodology, content and process familiarisation. The second-half will focus on developing and practice coaching skills and techniques.

As a coach your role is to help the participant get the most from the report. The coaching workshop is designed to help you build your capability in doing this. The session is therefore interactive and helps create the foundation of a personal coaching tool kit.

Coaching process and confidentiality

Following the completion of the assessment by the participant (in the form of a self-assessment) and the selected respondents, a personalised report will be generated. This report will be used as a basis for the 1:1 feedback and coaching between you and the participant. The feedback and coaching sessions are confidential between you and the participant and you will not divulge information from the coaching sessions to any other party without their approval.

The first step in the coaching process is to give feedback to the participant to help them understand their feedback report. The participant will then be given the time to reflect on the feedback you have given them and complete the self-reflection worksheet you will give them. Following this period of reflection you and the participant will focus on development planning for the participant.

Confidentiality of LSP360° report

At the feedback session you will give the participant copies of the report. These are the only two hard copies of the report and therefore it is up to the participant to choose who they share them with. By participating in this process, they are agreeing to use the information gathered to inform their development.

To be a coach and to work with individuals on their development is a privilege that must be respected. The process of going through a 360° assessment can be daunting for a participant and success of the process largely falls on the relationship they have with their coach.

By participating in this process you are agree to the responsibilities that are associated with being a coach which include maintenance and respect for the confidentiality of information pertaining to the relationship with the participant of the LSP360° process.

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More information

For more information about the LSP360° process, contact LDC on 04 473 2222 or email info@ldc.govt.nz

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