We are growing the talent pipeline for Pacific Peoples, increasing representation at all leadership levels of the Public Service.

In partnership with the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, we ran the Public Service Pacific Mentoring Programme that was completed in March 2023. 

This 9-month programme matched senior Pacific leaders in the Public Service with Pacific public servants who are getting ready to further their careers. This programme aimed to help empower and maximise their skills and potential. The blended programme included one on one mentoring, five facilitated virtual workshops with mentees and mentors, and reflective journaling for mentees.

It offered an opportunity for Pacific public servants to be part of a programme based on four culturally aligned principles:   

  • Reciprocity – We will ensure both the mentor and mentee are contributing and taking away something from this programme, and that both groups are committed to achieving the overall vision.
  • Service – We understand mentoring is an act of service beyond purely the mentee/mentor relationship, and there is an attitude of service to your community and wider connections.
  • Collectivism – We will build this programme in way that takes the group of mentors and mentees into account and allows opportunities for everyone to come together and learn from each other, rather than limiting interactions to being solely one on one between mentee and mentor.
  • Family – We acknowledge each member of this programme comes with significant connections to their aiga, village and workplace. They are not in isolation and by taking part in this programme they will contribute to outcomes that have positive implications for both themselves and their families. 

Read about Raylene Liufalani's experience as a mentor on our LinkedIn page.

We are working with Ministry of Pacific Peoples to confirm details for a future cohort of the Public Service Pacific Mentoring Programme.

We will advertise this in LDC’s Programmes and events newsletter and update this page once details are known.

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Once details have been confirmed for the next cohort, we will include more information on how to express your interest and any mentee criteria.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a future cohort you can register your interest by emailing: ldcprogrammes@ldc.govt.nz

We’re looking for mentors that:

  • identify as Pacific and are senior leaders in the Public Service (tier 2-3)
  • are excited to transfer skills, knowledge and expertise, and gain fresh perspectives
  • bring a wealth of leadership experience as well as highly relevant cultural awareness and expertise from across the public sector.


If you have any questions or queries contact ldcprogrammes@ldc.govt.nz