This section focuses on the Treaty of Waitangi and the Māori Crown Relationships.

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A graphic of Mahinarangi, a Māori public servant


Kia ora, ko Māhinarangi tōku ingoa – my name is Māhinarangi and I’ve recently started a new job in the Public Sector. There is a lot to learn about how it all works, but one of the things I'm particularly interested in is how we honour the Treaty of Waitangi. 

I’m familiar with the Treaty. I learnt about it at school and university of course, and being Māori, it has a lot of significance for me.  But I’m keen to find out more about the context for me as a public servant. 

Not long after I started my new job, I was in a meeting where people were talking about our approach to engaging with communities, and in particular with iwi, about how they use their waterways.  I hadn't really thought about that before, but it prompted me to chat to my team and they said it's part of how we support the Crown in their relationships with Māori. 

This learning will give you some foundational information about the Māori Crown relationships and the Treaty of Waitangi. Come with me and explore.



The Treaty of Waitangi and Māori Crown Relations 

Māori Crown Relations in the Public Service (this link opens in a new tab)

These videos will explore some of the initiatives taken by public servants and help you to understand the significance of Treaty-based partnerships in public sector activities. You might like to use headphones to watch these videos.

The Treaty - History (this link opens in a new tab) 

The Treaty Today (this link opens in a new tab)

The Treaty and me as a Public Servant (this link opens in a new tab)

The Treaty and Engagement with Māori (this link opens in a new tab)

These microbite learning modules will explore the significance of the Treaty in the context of the Public Service. They will provide some history and help you understand your role to support the Crown in their relationships with Māori. You can work through the microbites individually or as a group. An accessible version of the information is available here: The Treaty of Waitangi accessible content [PDF, 934 KB]