Dr Dominic Moran

Coach list: Mid-level leaders of leaders, People and thought leaders

Email: dmoran@advantagebusiness.co.nz
Phone: 027 681 555
Website: advantagebusiness.co.nz
Location: Canterbury/West Coast
Face to face delivery: 
Locations without disbursements: Canterbury, West Coast, North Otago
Locations with disbursements: Nelson, Marlborough, Otago,Southland
Virtual delivery: Zoom

Over the past decade, Dominic has specialised in leadership and culture development in businesses and organisations. He is a member of the REACH Ecosystem leadership and global community, and has over 30 years teaching experience as a Tai Chi and Kung Fu instructor.  

Dominic utilizes a ‘step by step’ process of engaging leaders based on consultation and direct, honest feedback. He is adept at increasing his client’s awareness of their personal leadership and communication styles, as well as their colleagues.

Dominic excels at team development and improvement of internal culture and likes to ensure there are agreed objectives with key stakeholders. He uses real life examples to help clients reflect on their roles and effectiveness.

Dominic enjoys monitoring and measuring effectiveness and as an experienced practitioner knows how to get results.

He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Sociology and Psychology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Psychology and Tourism. He is a qualified REACH practitioner.

Areas of specific leadership coaching expertise:

  • Certified REACH Practitioner – the global standard for psychometric tools, 360 degree surveys and professional coaching.
  • Developing and delivering staff surveys and development programmes to business clients for the past 8 years.

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