Dr Tania Graham (she/her)

Coach list: Chief executives and system leaders, Mid-level leaders of leaders, People and thought leaders

Email: tania@cerno.co.nz
Phone: 04 473 9966
Website: cerno.co.nz
Location: Wellington
Face to face delivery: 
Locations without disbursements: Wellington, Palmerston North
Locations with disbursements: New Zealand-wide (travel and accommodation additional)
Virtual delivery: Zoom

Tania has practiced as an organisational psychologist for more than 20 years and has coached more than 1000 leaders, including chief executives.

She understands the challenges that leaders face, what great leadership ‘looks like’, and how to help people get there.

Tania’s coaching approach is enquiring, empathetic, and practical. She focuses on agreeing concrete actions and achieving tangible improvements.  She ensures people leave their coaching sessions feeling motivated, with fresh insights and techniques with which to experiment. 

Tania is a registered psychologist. She has a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and postgraduate diploma in Organisational Psychology.

Areas of specific leadership coaching expertise:

  • Leadership (leadership styles; influencing/inspiring; strategic leadership).
  • Management (performance management, coaching and developing others; building teams).
  • Interpersonal skills (relating, listening, and managing conflict).
  • Work management (planning/prioritising).
  • Resilience (confidence and wellbeing).
  • Career planning

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