In times of change, the role of a leader is essential to navigating a successful transition. You need to understand what processes to put in place as well as how you can support your team with insight and emotional intelligence.

This toolkit is designed for leaders who are guiding their teams through small, localised changes. If you are undergoing a structural organisational change that impacts your staff and employment, we advise you work with your human resources (HR) department and follow your organisation’s change policies.

This toolkit aims to enhance and expand the number of tools and strategies you can draw on as a leader to successfully navigate your team through change. It will help you to:

  • Connect the process of change to the human element, understanding the emotional and psychological dimensions and what this means when supporting your team through change.
  • Apply proven change models as strategic frameworks for planning and execution of change initiatives.
  • Develop proactive and adaptive leadership strategies to successfully navigate uncertainties.
  • Alleviate uncertainty and motivate your team through clear and consistent communication.

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