Leadership Success Profile development options

Development should be challenging - but planning it needn't be

Leaders in the public sector often put their jobs before their development, but we think that the two are not mutually exclusive - in fact, with a little bit of planning and consideration one can accomplish the other. By setting yourself up appropriately you can improve your leadership skills while getting your job done.  

See the Leadership Success Profile capability areas below to find the relevant resources for your leadership development needs.

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The Tool Box: Leadership Insight development planning

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Leadership Success Profile capability areas

Navigating for the future: Strategic leadership

You position teams, organisations and sectors to shape, define and respond to the future. Be it policy or service delivery, you work effectively with others to figure out what the future should look like - and how to get there.

Capability areas:


Stewardship - of people, functions, organisations and systems: System leadership

You ensure capabilities, assets and initiatives are built with the future of the State Services system in mind. You know when and how to use relationships, ICT, financial, supply market and people levers. Managing the tension between conflicting priorities you make the decisions for the good of the system for the long term.

Capability areas:


Making it happen - with and through others: Delivery management

You make sure that things happen by translating strategy into action. You focus on getting things done, with and through others - knowing which key decisions you need to make, where to influence, when to collaborate, and when to delegate. You create strong teams that deliver results.

Capability areas:


Identifying and developing our 'talent': Talent management

You attract retain and develop individuals with the attitude, skills and potential to deliver results - for today and tomorrow. You create positive work environments and figure out what people need to deliver results and how to get the best out of them.

Capability areas:


Leadership character

Capability areas:


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