Our Aspiring Leaders Learning Hub is aimed at those with leadership potential but are not yet in formal leadership roles. Whether you want to be a people manager in your next role or progress further as a technical specialist, there are resources here to support your development.

This Aspiring Leaders Learning Hub introduces the essentials of effective leadership to equip you with the skills, knowledge and mindset you need to lead from where you are within your organisation.

We have identified learning activities in 9 key areas to help build your personal leadership skills. Each activity has content for you to read or watch and a reflection question. Your reflections and completion of activities will be recorded and available for you to download.

As an aspiring leader, it would be an advantage to develop a clear statement of your career goals and plan for developing specific competencies. To help you do this we have an Individual Development Plan Toolkit that you can access.

You need to be employed by one of our member agencies to be able to create a login and access the Learning Hub activities and resources below. 

Leading in the NZ Public Service

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Spirit of Service is a key value of the NZ Public Service. Being a leader will mean that you model this behaviour and be an exemplar for the people around you.

Self- Awareness

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Having an awareness of how your actions and behaviour impact those around you is important as you aspire to move into a leadership role. As a leader, you will need to know who you are and what you stand for.

Learning Agility

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Being a lifelong learner is having a mindset and collection of practices that enable leaders to continually develop, grow and adapt; enabling them to navigate in an increasingly complex fast changing environment.

Achieving Ambitious Goals

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Being a leader means that you will need to set and achieve ambitious goals and also support your team to deliver on those goals. To deliver on ambitious goals, you will l need to understand how to plan, prioritise and leverage on the resources and skills around you to help you and your team deliver.


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Leaders have an awareness of their influence and use their influence appropriately to influence others. Becoming an influential leader hinges on strong, mutually beneficial relationships rooted in clear communication and shared accountability.


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Becoming a Leader means you will need to understand how to achieve better outcomes by working effectively with, and achieving through others. You will need to leverage your connections and determine the right people to involve at the right time.


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Being clear, persuasive, and impactful in the way you communicate is an important skill for a leader. People will be looking to you for guidance and information about what to do and how to do it.

Resilience and Wellbeing

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Moving into a leadership means that you will need to focus not only on your resilience and wellbeing but also that of the people you are leading. You will need to be observant and empathetic to others around you.

Managing Work Priorities

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Managing time effectively to meet deadlines is imperative as a leader. You need to take a highly planned and organised approach to your work and set priorities that focus on important long-term objectives.